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Let's join forces to create a powerful future for women's healthcare this Women's Health Month! Let's all get behind Women Who Rock and their founder Melinda Coliazzi, who are using music and lifesaving efforts to make a positive impact. Show your support by sharing their work and turning up the volume!


Melinda Colaizzi


At Ebby Magazine, we are passionate about caring for ourselves and our well-being. This Women’s Health Month, we proudly introduce you to Women Who Rock and their founder, Melinda Coliazzi. Women Who Rock is an organization crusading to help unite and rock the future of women’s healthcare through the power of music. By supporting WWR, you can also advocate for women’s health empowerment and join forces with this incredible movement. At this very moment, their life-saving work is happening at Magee-Women’s Research Institute, a fantastic organization that provides assistance and support at every stage of a woman’s life.

A Berklee College of Music alumna, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and female founder, Melinda has dedicated her life to advocating for women’s health and raising awareness to fund groundbreaking research. After starting her music career in Los Angeles, Melinda chose to put her dream on hold when her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Melinda found herself in a position that women are all too familiar with having to become her own advocate to save her life. Through her persistence and determination, Melinda and her mother found a life-saving clinical trial that saved her mother’s life.

Her mother’s experience served as inspiration for Women Who Rock and that’s why they are partnered with Magee-Women’s Research Institute & Foundation, the nation’s largest research institute dedicated solely to women’s health and reproductive biology. They aim to raise awareness and fund life-saving women’s health research through their benefit concerts, global campaigns, and fundraising events.

As a reminder, this Women’s Health Month is the perfect time for us to come together and show our support for Women Who Rock and the Magee-Women’s Research Institute. Let us join forces and make a difference for future generations of women who can live healthy and prosperous lives.

Melinda Coliazzi believes that one of the best ways to make everyday Rock is to pour extra love, attention, and care into yourself. Ensuring your mental and physical health is in the best shape possible is of utmost importance! So, let us get inspired to show some extra support for Women Who Rock this Women’s Health Month and every month. Let us help build up the amazing work being done by WWR and the Magee-Women’s Research Institute. Follow along wherever and whenever you can. Even a little action counts!

The call to action has never been louder; women’s health needs us now more than ever. We urge you to donate, volunteer, spread the word about these life-saving organizations, and pledge to actively support them. Everyone matters. Everyone’s voice matters. You can make a difference. So, come together and rock the future of women’s healthcare. It is up to us. Happy Women’s Health Month!

Please visit the official WWR website at womenwhorock.info and the Magee-Women’s Research Institute at www.mageewomens.org for the latest about their research and events. Let’s make everyday rock by uniting to bring luxury for the soul to women’s healthcare with Women Who Rock! Let’s rock the world!

Women Who Rock founder, Melinda Coliazzi.



Self-care matters, whether you’re fueling for the stage as a Rockstar or maintaining healthy habits in your everyday life. Women know that self-care is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Women Who Rock™ and MWRIF are collaborating to provide wellness tips to help boost your self-care strategies. From singing or playing an instrument to the link between stress and the heart to preventive screenings, the UPMC Health HealthBeat Blog and Healthwise Library have all the information you need for staying healthy. Find the tips you need and join #RockWomensHealth!


FINDING THE RIGHT ACTIVITY Did you know singing or playing an instrument can benefit your health? Activities that increase the flow of oxygen to your muscles can be aerobic exercise, which is vital for staying healthy. Other day-to-day activities can also count as aerobic exercise. Find ideas here.


IMPROVING STRESS Musicians are prone to stress, which can lead to high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Find healthy habits like regular exercise or meditation to counteract the effects of stress on your heart. Learn more about the relationship between stress and the heart.


HEALTHY EATING Always on the go? Planning and preparing meals ahead of time can save you time, decrease stress around mealtime, and improve the quality of your diet. Try these tips for healthy eating.


STAYING FIT Keep your body in tune, a brisk half-hour walk every day can help you maintain good health. For an added boost of nature, locate a #PittsburghPark near you for your stroll. Find a way to be active that works for you.


STAYING HYDRATED Hydration is a key to success for many musicians and artists. Monitor your fluid intake during practice or performances and prevent dehydration by consistently replenishing your fluids. Learn how.


BREAST CANCER - EARLY DETECTION Approximately 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Early detection is key! When caught early, breast cancer can be easier to treat. Many people with breast cancer do not have symptoms, such as a lump that they can feel. That’s why breast cancer screening can be a life-saving tool to catch the disease at an early stage. Should you be getting screened for breast cancer? Find out here. 


PREVENTIVE SCREENINGS/ ANNUALS Let’s rock your self-care routine! Good health starts with prevention. A great way to ensure you’re staying well is through checkups before an issue arises. Make sure your self-care checklist includes annual well-visits, physicals, and gynecological exams. Wondering what annual exams you should be getting? Click here for exams recommended by age.


MUSIC / GOOD MOOD / GOOD HEALTH You probably know that listening to music can evoke many emotions – even flipping a bad mood to a great one. But did you know music is also linked to improving overall health? Being in a better mood improves our physical health, leads us to make better lifestyle decisions, and helps us strengthen relationships. When we feel better mentally, we feel better physically and emotionally, too. Learn more about the connection between music and your health.


Did you enjoy this women’s Health Tip? All month long, WOMEN WHO ROCK will share their favorite women’s Health Tips in partnership with Magee-Womens Research Institute & Foundation to empower women in music and rock women’s health!


Proceeds from Women Who Rock™ events, such as the annual Benefit Concert at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, directly support the life-saving research and patient care initiatives at Magee-Womens Research Institute and UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital.