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Discover the depth of Deborah Ayorinde’s performances spanning genres, from gripping horror to heartwarming drama.





Deborah Ayorinde is making waves in the entertainment industry with her compelling portrayals and versatile talent. Best known for her breakthrough role in the Amazon horror series “Them,” where she received critical acclaim, Ayorinde continues to impress audiences with her depth and authenticity on screen. Ayorinde has taken on various projects, including film and television roles alongside industry heavyweights. She is poised to shine even brighter in the upcoming installment of “THEM: SCARE.” Let’s delve into the world of this rising star and explore what makes her performances truly unforgettable.

In the ever-evolving entertainment landscape, few stars illuminate the screen with the same incandescent intensity as Deborah Ayorinde. From her mesmerizing performances in chilling horror to poignant drama, Ayorinde has emerged as a beacon of talent, captivating audiences with her depth, authenticity, and versatility.

Born in the vibrant city of London, England, Ayorinde’s journey in the arts commenced at the tender age of seven when she took to the stage in her first play. It was there, amidst the bustling drama school in the Forest Gate area, that her passion for storytelling ignited—a flame that has continued to burn brightly and guide her through a remarkable career. A move across the Atlantic to San Jose, California, further fueled her artistic pursuits as she immersed herself in talent shows, contests, and various performance endeavors.

Ayorinde’s dedication to her craft is a testament to her unwavering commitment and passion. It culminated at Howard University’s esteemed John H. Johnson School of Communications, where she graduated with honors, armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production. During her time at Howard, Ayorinde’s talent garnered recognition, clinching the coveted Paul Robeson Best Actress award for her role in a short film she wrote and directed.

Since then, Ayorinde’s career has skyrocketed. With credits in film, television, and commercials, she has excelled in various genres, making a lasting impression with each performance. However, her standout role in the Amazon horror series “Them” propelled Ayorinde into the spotlight, earning her widespread acclaim and solidifying her position as a formidable talent in the industry.

Ayorinde remains dedicated to her craft as she reaches new heights. In addition to acting, she is passionate about directing, writing, and owning an online boutique, showcasing her multifaceted talents. With a diverse range of projects and collaborations with industry heavyweights, Ayorinde’s star is set to shine even brighter in the years to come.

Here, we had the opportunity to explore with Deborah Ayorinde as she shared insights into her journey, character development process, and future aspirations.




Your portrayal of ‘Lucky’ in “Them” garnered immense praise. How did you approach bringing such a complex character to life? 

It was a huge undertaking. I was very intimidated by the role and the story when I first read it, but I knew it was one that had to be told. I really leaned into my faith even further to muster up the strength and the confidence to pull off playing Lucky and doing my first lead role. And then, I let go of my inhibitions and just gave it my all. I had to really let go in order to let Lucky be and say what she wanted. I also used music as a tool to connect with Lucky as well as to connect to the story.


“THEM: SCARE” takes place in a different time frame and promises new challenges. What can viewers expect from the upcoming season, and how does your character evolve? 

People can expect some bittersweet nostalgia. Them: The Scare is a different story than to Them: Covenant, so people can watch them independently of each other and appreciate them, but the second installment will be so much sweeter and more satisfying and might even make more sense for those who have watched the first installment. My characters are different, so I don’t necessarily see Lucky as an evolution of Dawn. I feel they’re both women of their time, and I’m inspired by how they managed to still take up space with in spite of how much space was not created for them in their worlds. 


“Riches” presented a different genre and narrative. How did you prepare for your role in this drama series, and what drew you to the project? 

Nina’s story is so close to mine and the people close to me that it didn’t take extensive preparation to play her. I just played what I knew to be true from my own experiences and from the experiences of the people around me, like my older sister, and infused that into her. And from the feedback I’ve received, it seems the result is a character that a lot of people can relate to and that a lot of people believe in, so I feel like I’ve done my job. 


With a diverse range of projects in your filmography, how do you select roles, and what factors influence your decision-making process? 

I have to feel it. I have to feel and believe the story and the character. Even if she’s doing something that I don’t agree with, I have to believe her, and I have to believe in the journey that we’re (the audience; I include myself in that) going to be taken on. 


What has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey in the entertainment industry so far, and what are your aspirations for the future? 

Being able to make a beautiful living off of my true passion, art, that’s a blessing. Being able to say that I’m doing what I dreamt of when I was younger. That’s also a blessing. 


Your performances are often praised for their depth and authenticity. Could you share some insights into your character development approach and preparation for a role? 

In the same way that connecting with people in real life is not a “one size fits all” process, connecting with my characters isn’t either. So, I give each character what she requires in order to connect with her. One constant is music, though. I usually make a playlist for each character. I usually use music to connect with my characters. 





“Truth Be Told” marks another exciting project in your career. How does your character in this series differ from previous roles, and what attracted you to this particular story? 

When Rose came my way, it excited me because it was another opportunity to do a role like I’d never done before. To step into a world I don’t personally know. Rose was unhoused, resourceful, resentful, and deeply, deeply wounded. It was fun playing her and seeing ways to connect with her. 


As an actor, how do you navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by both television and film projects? 

I remind myself and am constantly reminded of the impact and my deep love for the art. That what I’m doing is bigger than me. Those reminders keep me going when this “thing” gets hard. 


What advice would you give aspiring actors looking to break into the industry and make a lasting impact, as you have? 

Keep going and keep growing. Work on yourself. Work well with others. You are your only true competition. 


If you could collaborate on a project with any actor or actress, living or deceased, who would you choose and why? 

What qualities do you admire most about their work? I would love to work with Leonardo DiCaprio, among others. He’s an incredible, legendary actor. I’ve been watching his work since forever. I’d also love to work with Joaquín Phoenix. He’s so dope. I’d love to experience his approach to his characters. 


When you encounter challenges in your role or personal life, what strategies or coping mechanisms do you use to navigate those tough times and emerge stronger? 

I get radically honest about what has happened, what I’m feeling, and why. I give myself space to feel. I used to give other people that space and then not give myself the same space. Not anymore. I’ve learned. Now, instead of waiting for others to validate my feelings or experience, I validate my own experience and my feelings, and then I pray about it as much and as often as I need to until it’s sorted. 


What makes you smile, and what scares you the most? 

The sun makes me smile. Live music makes me smile. Love makes me smile. Traveling makes me smile. What makes me scared is the idea of being stuck or trapped. 


What can audiences anticipate from Deborah Ayorinde in the coming years, and are there any dream roles or projects you hope to pursue? 

There’s so much that I’m doing and am going to do. Producing, writing, beauty, fashion, fragrance, and definitely music. Music is actually my first love. So, I’m excited to dive into that space. I will always keep performing the nucleus of my career, but I want to use all my gifts. 



It will work out. It always does, and it always will.


D E B O R A H   A Y O R I N D E