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Step into Aurora Cossios world, where talent meets compassion and inspiration knows no bounds. Discover her journey from Hollywood to advocate, spread joy and promoting positivity for social change. Join the movement and be inspired by her dedication to making the world a better place, one smile at a time.






Aurora Cossios journey continued to evolve as she ventured into the heart of the entertainment industry in Hollywood. There, she not only showcased her acting prowess but also expanded her horizons as a producer, bringing compelling stories to life on both the big and small screens.

Throughout her career, Cossio has remained dedicated to her passion for spreading happiness and fostering a sense of community. She founded Good Morning Happiness, a brand aimed at promoting positivity and well-being through various channels, including social media, workshops, and events. Through this initiative, she has touched the lives of countless individuals, inspiring them to embrace joy and gratitude in their daily lives.

Beyond her professional achievements, Cossio is also a dedicated advocate for social causes, using her platform to raise awareness and support for issues close to her heart. Whether its advocating for gender equality, mental health awareness, or environmental sustainability, she uses her voice to effect positive change in the world.

As she continues to captivate audiences with her versatile performances and unwavering commitment to spreading joy, Aurora Cossio remains a shining example of talent, resilience, and compassion in the world of entertainment. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and advocates alike, proving that with dedication, passion, and a touch of happiness, anything is possible.

Recently, Aurora Cossio graciously shared her insights and experiences with Ebby Magazine in an exclusive interview, shedding light on her diverse career and impactful advocacy work.


Can you tell us about the journey that led you to where you are today and what inspired you to pursue your career? 

My dad and his love of cinema fueled a little girl’s dream. At eight years old, I already knew what I wanted to be when I grew up; I wanted to be a film actress, like in the movies my sister and I watched with my dad. As a kid, I had skills that only an artist can have: great sensitivity, creativity and great instinct.

So being an actress today was an act of love and respect towards my inner child.


Your journey encompasses both acting and psychology. How do you see these two fields intersecting in your life, and how do they contribute to your mission of promoting happiness and community building through Good Morning Happiness?

My purpose in life is to put all my gifts and talents at the service of others. My careers meet and align perfectly.

Psychology studies the psyche of the human being and his soul. As a storyteller, I need to understand how the human mind works. The mind is telling us different stories all the time.

Good morning, happiness, responds to a personal and collective call. Creating hope in having a better quality of life from understanding the functioning of the brain and mind using laughter therapy as a resource is my mission today.

I am, however, open to continuing to play characters that can also show us our own shadow as well as our light. Accepting light and shadow only means understanding the human condition; our responsibility is then to give light to the shadow. 


Your recent role in the Netflix Limited Series “Griselda” has garnered significant attention. How do you relate to the character of Estella, and what aspects of her journey do you find most compelling?

I have a lot of fun living the lives of the characters I play. Estela was another challenge, understanding her world, her fears, and her non-fears—the real motivations that led her to risk everything.

Estella is a strong, resilient, determined, and ambitious woman—aspects that we share in common. The aspects that I had to work on myself the most to honor her story is her relationship with her body and money.


Working alongside Sofia Vergara in “Griselda,” what lessons or memorable experiences have you gained from collaborating with other influential women in the industry?

Working with talented and internationally successful women is always an unforgettable experience, but working especially with Sofia Vergara has been supremely inspiring for me as a Colombian woman like her, an actress and entrepreneur. God always puts you where you need to be, and all of us who are part of this project earn that place. You attract what already exists within you.


“Faccio un salto all’Avana” marked a significant turning point in your career, where you not only starred but also served as an executive producer. Can you share with us the challenges and rewards of taking on such a multifaceted role?

Faccio unsalto all’avana was my first film as a lead in Italy, the film for which Italians remember me and which you can find on Netflix Italy. A romantic comedy that brings back nostalgic memories of the best years I lived in Italy. It was also the first time I had the experience of working as an executive producer and actress at the same time.

Very soon I will return to that role, which, although not easy because there is a lot of work, gives me a lot of satisfaction.




 Your portrayal of Stg. Melissa Downs in “The Ritual Killer” alongside Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser showcased your versatility as an actress. How do you approach character development, especially in roles that differ significantly from your experiences?

The more you know yourself, the more resources you have. The more you know and recognize your light and your shadow, the more you can understand the shadows of others and the human condition. I have been working on myself for years, healing my wounds and giving myself the time and permission to know and love my light and my shadow; therefore, I have a resource that allows me to navigate the world of the characters in a profound way. The shadow only becomes negative when you allow it to dominate you.


Your ambition to produce a film based on your life story, titled “All for a Dream,” is intriguing. What message or theme do you hope to convey through this project, and how do you envision it resonating with audiences?

There are stories that have to be told and exposed to the world, not necessarily because you want to obtain a monetary reward or seek the approval of others. They have to be told because they are human stories that tell collective truths. We all have a story to tell, and that is my case. My only expectation is with myself, not with others; this story will connect with the public, who empathize with real stories of personal improvement.


Beyond your professional achievements, your commitment to fostering happiness and joy through Good Morning Happiness is commendable. Can you share with us a bit about the inspiration behind this venture and its impact on your life and community?

Good Morning Happiness is born when I realize that life is not like in fables and that we all have a personal battle. The real superheroes are all those who work for a decent quality of life and balanced mental health. Good Morning Happiness is an invitation to face life without losing the joy of living. It has a program that trains the mind, helps heal emotional wounds, and uses laughter therapy as a co-helper.


Your frequent travels between Italy, Colombia, and the USA indicate a global perspective on storytelling and cultural exchange. How has exposure to diverse environments shaped your worldview, personally and professionally?

Knowing other languages and other cultures gives you a different perspective on life, increases your mental flexibility, opening up more possibilities to co-exist with others. I come from a Latin culture. I am loving and always seek human contact. However, I understood that although there may be cultural barriers, smiling and laughter is a universal language, like love, compassion, and empathy. Therefore, there is hope in this world that sometimes seems impossible to live in.

I always wanted to be an international actress, and I think the reason is because I love people regardless of race, religion, culture, etc.


As an advocate for laughter, love, and joy, what advice would you give to women striving to find balance and fulfillment in their lives, especially amidst the challenges of today’s world?

For all the women who read me, I want to tell you that I see you, I love you, I honor you, and I respect you. It is still not easy to be a woman in this society, but I believe, however, that together we are stronger and that our role in this society has been heroic; therefore, continuing to inspire each other makes us deserving of everything we have achieved.


Let’s keep a smile and laugh until the end.