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Now's the time to find the people who are in sync with you and will be a part of Your “happily ever after” story



It’s a short walk to my local shoe repair shop where one of my favorite pair of booties is being refitted for some new leather soles. My booties' soles have met many a pavement in and around Chicago streets; this was the third round of repairs for my winter favorites. Then I had a thought, isn’t it funny, we spend so much time repairing our soles, and not so much taking care of our souls?

Can 2020 be the year where we forgo repairing the leather under our feet and focus more on the inner healing that often gets placed on pause? We pound the pavement daily and worry about the shabby appearance of our shoes, yet we don’t always deal with the shabby covering we place on our souls because we don’t have time — correction, make the time.

The year 2020, a new decade, a new you, a new soul. The new soul will need special attention because, like the soles of our shoes, it will need periodic review for fraying that may need a mend or two. Could the definition of soulmate be redefined in 2020? Is that the person(s) who will periodically check in on you to see that your core being is in good form? A friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, someone who is truly your soulmate — like a playmate you’ve known since childhood.

As you ring in this new decade, commit to caring for your inner being over the needs of others who may not have your best interest at heart. You know, the bloodsuckers, the needy friend for whom no matter how much time you spend, it’s never enough. The person who is busy digging for info and not being a real friend. The partner who doesn’t understand what you bring to the table to compliment the relationship. The boss who has wrung you dry because they know they can. These types of people tear at your inner being and destroy who you are meant to be.

Find those people who can be your true soulmates, for they will allow your authentic self to shine through. Reach out and start the conversation with those you trust about what is important and how you can invest in the other so that you can be there for one another in good and bad times. You will find that when you go through this exercise, some people may not fit the mold. And, it’s ok, for you will know with whom you need to spend your time. This is how you take care of your soul. Let in only those who can bring out your best.

Looking at my circle of friends and family, I am more confident than ever that my circle of people are authentic and that the strength of our relationships will grow because we all invest in working on them. It is the investment worth more than any money one can accumulate. HNY!