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Historically, people have felt the need to worship and connect to a higher being or elements, either as an individual or in a group. But religion is not for everyone. There is a clear understanding that too many menand women of the cloth use the power of faith for their own gain: power, greed, and control. This is not to say that religion or those at the center of it are all evil. They’re just people, but they are people who have exploited the bond of faith. The downside of their actions has caused a segment of society to become skeptical toward having faith and surrendering themselves.

Some question the practices of organized religion. Others research the history of their practicing religion and become affected by what they learn. It changes their perspective. But what remains is the core value of love and how to apply it in life. It’s at these crossroads that we decide if this is a religion we will follow or if we will find another. Faith guides us and supports us through life.

By itself, faith is a powerful word. Faith offers the opportunity to worship, commune, and connect with God directly, eliminating man from the equation and keeping the core values of love in place.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word faith, derived from Latin fides and Old French, means “confidence or trust in a person, thing, or concept.” In the context of religion, one can define faith as “belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion.” In a broader perspective, faith is believing in something bigger than oneself — a life force, a powerful energy that exists beyond our comprehension. We are all connected, whether we choose to believe it or not.

It can provide a sense of belonging that gives relief, strength, or guidance in times of hardship. A sense of belonging that unites us after so much current separation. It’s a personal journey of free will and choice if we decide to surrender to it. It’s not enough to just say the words, “I surrender my life to you (a higher being),” especially if you don’t mean it.

The journey of surrendering is different for everyone. Faith helps determine what type of philosophies and people we choose to place in our hearts and life and what kind of behavior we practice with others and ourselves. It’s conditioning our hearts with acts of love and value toward life that determines how we are going to build our lives and treat others. If we choose faith, it becomes a guiding beacon of humanitarian values. It starts with the first step towards surrendering. Only with true internal intent will the power of faith fill our hearts, allowing us to live an amazing life while gifting our love to others.

A transformation starts to take place, much like a rebirth. It’s a powerful experience that will take time to understand in its entirety. It starts when we are ready to accept it. It can happen in a solitary moment or through the energy of a group. Receiving the strengths and gifts of faith occurs at various intervals, sometimes quickly and for others slowly. It depends on our openness and our willingness to believe. In time, we learn to absorb, understand, and grow from it.

Our life starts to alter; our values increase; our perspective of everyday life changes, and the way we choose to live enhances. In exchange for surrendering, our minds and hearts transform the love we receive into energy that creates change for ourselves and those around us.

The gifts of surrendering to one’s faith open us up to great possibilities. Stress dissolves. The focus moves from the negative to the positive, helping us figure out life’s decisions. Being concerned about an issue is perfectly normal, but it will not elevate to sleepless, teeth-grinding nights of despair. Faith will allow for forgiveness for ourselves and others, giving us the freedom to live without emotional chains of constraint. Stress dissipates, allowing us to live life as intended—with joy, happiness, and a clear vision of our path and purpose.

We’ll come to understand that we can only be concerned about what we can control. By that, we can control our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We will filter life through a lens of love and make it our foundation. In reality, control is simply a mechanism that we use as a survival instinct to make sense of our surroundings. Anything can happen to totally change the course of our lives for better or worse. Faith allows us to live most days fulfilled. We will begin to see life’s lessons clearly and understand their true purpose rather than live with insecurities, doubts, despair, and fears.

Our appearance and spirit will become brighter. Our energy will impact others in a positive manner. Our health and minds will improve so we can avoid the detour and traps that keep us from moving forward through life with strength, even through the unexpected turbulence. Faith encompasses hope, builds patience, and widens our understanding of the world.

This will be tested in times of hardship. Faith helps us to move forward with momentum. Without faith, we remain idle in despair, sinking into a dark psychological and spiritual abyss. It is faith, our internal guide, that acts as a beacon. It allows us to rise above these challenges and still have the ability to grow and share love.

Love is the only power that will shine a light and guide us on our true path. Being led by faith empowers our spirit to overcome what others consider impossible. We need to stay full of faith, especially in troubled times, even when there seems to be no sign or evidence of its existence.

Faith softens our heart for love to live in and find a resting place. Faith protects us and keeps us strong and vigilant. Faith allows us to experience, live, and have exchanges with others with pure intent. It’s like learning a new language to live. Only then do we start to see the blessings and gifts that arrive. This is truly life-altering and a blessing. If the benefits outweigh the potential negatives, then why wouldn’t we take that chance toward a better life? There is only one way to find out that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain: initiate that step towards faith and surrender.