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Ebby Magazine Issue 7 Alternate Cover – Jordin Sparks


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Grammy-nominated artist Jordin Sparks, known for her American Idol win at 17, is back with exclusive tracks “Cool,” “Bad Thoughts,” and “Look Who’s Laughing Now,” captivating her global fan base. Beyond music, she’s excelled in Broadway, TV, and film. In a candid interview, Sparks discusses her career, motherhood, and a rediscovered passion for music. Her latest tracks mark a new era in her artistry. With collaborations with icons like Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys, Sparks is a compassionate and empowering figure in the industry. Her EP promises a fresh sound, reflecting the woman she is today. Sparks’ return to music is a testament to her evolution, resilience, and dedication to her craft. Her music promises to inspire audiences worldwide.

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