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Ebby Magazine Issue 4 – Elizabeth Wood


94 Pages-Digital Magazine
In this special issue, we focus on hope, love, equality and unity.
Butterflies go through a transformation we know as metamorphosis. Although we may not go through as drastically a physical change, we experience many transformations that test us and make us who we are throughout our lives. This time has been difficult, and it will shape not only our personal lives but the world. We may not be the same people we once were, and perhaps, if we focus on the glass as half full, we may transform for the better. Our cover model Elizabeth Wood seeks to create a world where people live beautifully magical lives. International model Elizabeth Wood is proudly half-Korean and half Italian, Irish and English. A longtime creator, she plays piano and guitar, sings, draws and paints. When she’s not creating or taking care of her heart and soul — through exercise and meditation — she’s off on an adventure to fully experience the magic and fragility of life
Ebby magazine is a quarterly luxury magazine encouraging every woman to be still, be strong, and be present, to embrace her most creative and authentic self. We cheer on every woman who discovers the possibility of her true being and soul.
Ebby magazine inspires every woman to enjoy the luxury of peace, to experience a soulful connection of gratitude, by listening to her heart, discovering her passion and attracting what she most desires.
Ebby magazine seeks to support every woman to take time for herself, to nourish her mind, body and spirit. We create inspirational and motivational content for the woman who loves the finer things in life, who lives to enjoy the best life has to offer her.
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