Ebby Magazine



10 JULY 2019

Former WWE Divas & Champions Brie and Nikki Bella talk life,
love and the power of “twintuition.”


This Spring, Nicole “Nikki” Bella joined her twin BRIE BELLA in “retirement.” Both walked away from WWE wrestling (Brie in 2015 and Nikki earlier this year) leaving their roles as one of WWE’s most popular wrestling tag teams behind. But the former WWE Divas Champions are busier and more popular than ever. Their hugely-successful E! reality series, Total Bellas has just been renewed for a fifth season to broad­cast next year. The hard-charging twins from Scotts­dale, Arizona, have been growing their dis­tinc­tive Bella brand into a multi-media empire encompassing everything from wine and athletic wear to beauty products and a top-rated podcast. Focusing on products that empower and educate women by mirroring the twins’ passion for health, beauty, fitness, and fun, Brie and Nikki are proving to be champions as much outside the ring as they were in it. Despite their tight schedules, the twins made time for a picturesque photo shoot in Malibu Ca­n­y­on and a leisurely afternoon chat with Ebby Magazine’s Arts & Culture Editor Tomás Romero.

Ebby Magazine: Hey guys, thanks for chatting with us today. You’ve been very busy lately. Talk to me about the brands you’ve created together, like your wine, Belle Radici, your Birdiebee fashion line, and your podcast. How do you manage all OF these businesses at the same time?
Nikki: Running these companies together as twins, really helps a lot. We’re both really good with time management, and we have an amazing team—for BirdieBee we have an amazing employee and a CEO—and I think it’s just being twins. I couldn’t do this without my sister. She reminds me of things, and I remind her of things and just being able to have two versions of yourself. People are always like, Oh my God, I’m so busy I need a clone and in a way, I have that clone. [laughs] And it makes it that much easier to run three companies and be on two reality shows and be able to do other projects on the side. Brie and I are really passionate about everything we do. So it never feels like work, and we never mind doing it 24/7.

EM: Talk to me about the Bella Army?
Brie: We have been so blessed to have this extremely loyal, vocal, dedicated fanbase that we call the Bella Army. They have been with Nicole and me from the beginning, through thick and thin. They constantly inspire us every day to just continue to do what we’re doing. I’ve just never had so much support through the good and the bad. To see our army grow every single day is amazing. Nicole and I always want our Bella Army to feel (in return) the love that they give to us.

EM: What one word would you use to describe your partnership best?
Brie: Definitely loyalty. The one thing I’ve always been grateful for in our partnership is that our foundation is loyalty. Nicole and I are very lucky to feel that with each other.
Nikki: I agree. Being identical twins, naturally, I have love, respect, and loyalty for my sister, and we just have this bond. I feel like I can share every creative thought with her and not feel stupid for it or I can fail and know that it’s gonna be okay, someone’s going to be there to have my back and protect me. I think having that bond has been so important because you’re not afraid to be brave or to take chances. It makes you want to be fearless because we’re kind of like Batman and Robin, whatever battle it is or whatever we want to conquer, we have each other’s backs. Knowing that kind of gives you superhero strength.


EM: What do you guys think are the five things women could do right now to make their day happier?
1. Meditation
2. Start your day with exercise
3. Remind yourself that everyone can be successful
4. Family
5. Wine
Brie: My biggest thing is not to go on social media first thing when I get up, which I think many people do. I believe it starts your day off in a negative way because people are constantly comparing their lives on social media and you might see something that makes you feel like: “Oh, man, so and so is more successful than me.” So, already you’re starting your day on a down note. So, I feel like we have to remind ourselves every day that there is enough success for every single person on this earth and to not compare yourself to anyone. So, that’s why I do think you need to start your mornings off with mediation.

EM: What is your personal mantra?
Brie: Don’t let tiredness make your decisions. I have a two-year-old, and I don’t always get the best sleep. Sometimes it’s easier just to give up when you’re tired, so I always have to remind myself like: “Brie, you’re just tired, do not let that influence any important decisions today. Just power through it!”
Nikki: For me, it would be to stay fearless in every aspect of your life, whether it is business, workout, family, or relationships, it takes every­thing on to be fearless.

EM: What do you guys do to feed your soul? What’s your self luxury when you’re just really stressed out, what helps you rejuvenate?
Nikki: I go to this place in Palm Springs that offers detox for your mind, body and soul. So, it's mediation, nutrition, helping you detox your insides. Then you have quiet time, so I just journal, and it’s crazy because it really feeds my soul so much.

EM: Nice. What about you, Brie?
Brie: There are so many different things, but, for me, I would say family. When I’m with my family, whether it’s my sister or my cousins or my mother or my daughter, there is something about it that reminds you of your purpose for living and what life is truly about. I think family grounds you. Some of my best laughs have been with my family, and most of my best memories have been with my family too.

EM: For sure. Along those same lines, Brie, could you tell us how being a parent has changed you?
Brie: I wasn’t really a vain person before, but it’s really helped me kind of lose my vanity. I feel like when you have your child, your body changes, and you accept that because you’re like: “Well, I birthed life.” [laughs] All of a sudden everything you do is for your child. You’re not doing every­thing for yourself anymore; every day you think, I want to work really hard so my daughter can go to a good college or a good preschool or I want her to look at me and maybe follow in my footsteps, you know?

EM: Awesome. I’m wondering what lessons have you learned from your past relationships?
Nikki: Communication. Sometimes I’ve lost that, and I honestly feel that communication and trust is the foundation of a good relationship, and it’s something now that I take with me so much moving forward. You have to communicate when you feel a certain way, things you like, things you don’t like, things you want and its just such a key for a successful relationship.
Brie: I think in past relationships, I always cared about the other person and how they were feeling. I kind of bottled up my feelings, and I felt like I had to walk on eggshells, and the one thing that I do now with my husband is I put my feelings first. If something doesn’t feel right or if there’s something that bothers me, we'll be able to speak about it. If I want to feel needy or whatever, you know, just to be OK with my feelings and to put those first instead of always worrying about the other person.

EM: Do you guys think you’re living meaningful lives and, if so, what does that mean to you?
Brie: I definitely think I’m living a meaningful life because every morning I look in the mirror, and I’m proud of myself. So every night when I lay my head on my pillow, I don’t lay there with any regrets. I feel like every time I go to a signing, or I run into a fan at a coffee shop, its always great because they say stuff like, “You really inspired me.” or “Thank you for opening up your life on reality television, I can relate.” And so, I feel like, as a reality star, you do show the good, the bad and the ugly and it's nice when you see how many people can relate to you and how many people you can help, that really makes me feel like I have meaning in my life.

EM: Nice. What about you, Nikki?
Nikki: You know, with my Bella Army and my companies, my family and my surroundings, I definitely feel like I’m living a meaningful life. I try and surround myself with things that have a purpose. When you start to hear the stories of how you’ve inspired or empowered or motivated someone, it just makes you feel so full. It’s like a teacup, you know, it feels like you’re overflowing instead of leaking from the bottom. And when you feel that overflow it’s like you have so much meaning and it’s such a powerful feeling.

EM: What is the one thing you can’t live without?
Nikki: Not to get too deep, but I could never live without love. Love to me is the most amazing feeling and it can be the most painful but when you’ve experienced it, I couldn’t imagine living without it. From your significant other to your family to your child or your nieces and nephews to your animals, your fanbase, all of it. When they say love is a drug, I freaking agree, and I’m so crazy addicted to it! [laughs]
Brie: For me, I couldn’t live without my daughter. You are supposed to leave this earth before them and that’s what would have to happen for me because there’s just no way.